Hearing Protection

Wherever sound is a problem, SoundGear has a solution.

Whether you’re in the woods, the shop, at the track or on the factory floor, hearing is key to your success and safety. Yet the competing need to protect your hearing from the damaging sounds of your environment creates a unique noise management challenge.

That’s a job for SoundGear.

We are proud to fit SoundGear

Made by Starkey — America’s premier provider of hearing solutions — SoundGear represents the latest advancements in hearing protection and enhancement products. SoundGear’s unique technology enhances external sounds to provide situational awareness and directionality, while still protecting your hearing.


SoundGear Phantom is the world’s first—and still most popular—custom, rechargeable, and Bluetooth® compatible hearing aid and protection device.

Offering an unrivaled custom fit, Phantom lets you hear environmental sounds and conversations more clearly while offering protection from both sudden and continuous loud sounds.

Its comfortable fit, streaming capabilities and 23 hours of battery life mean you can wear it all activity long, without taking it in and out when you answer the phone, have a conversation or take a short break.

In addition to being a hearing protection device, the SoundGear Phantom is an FDA-listed prescription hearing aid and may be fitted to compensate for hearing loss, consistent with the product’s labeling and applicable law.

SoundGear is ideal for hunters, shooters, industrial and construction workers, even military personnel and police officers — and is available in three styles:

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