So much better than the previous place whose name I can't remember. Thorough and professional. The previous place just gave me the aids, some cleaners and batteries. I was never told to bring in the hearing aids to have them cleaned every three months or what to do if the dome pops out of my ear regularly.
Rosalie Majewski, on Google
I’m so grateful The difference on understanding speech clearly. Not having to ask people to repeat what they’ve said. I must have driven family mad at how loud I had the tv volume set to. The Hearing Lab has been life changing for me
Monica Cox, on Google
I’ve had my hearing aids for about five years and Tim has always taken care of the aids, my concerns and questions. I have never left their office unhappy. I would recommend them to anyone.
David Peterson, on Google
A company is just a name, but it is made up of good people and Tim is one of the best.
copsinctwo B, on Google
The reminder of an upcoming appointment helps just in case things are hectic. There was no waiting(didn't over book). The questions about hearing aide concerns was followed up with tweaking the hearing aides and an offer to come back if more tweaking was needed. I was in and out in 30 minutes. A great experience!
Frank Burzynski, on Google

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