I use two digital hearing aids I purchased through Hearing Labs. I find Tim Finnegan to be competent, understanding, knowledgeable and compassionate! What more could I ask!! I have recommended him to my friend who also needs hearing aids. She is as pleased as I am! I think Hearing Labs is great!
Christina McPheeters, on Google
Tim and team at the Hearing Lab have been exceptionally helpful to us. Tim has helped my mom thru hearing testing and the ongoing use of her hearing aids. Whenever mom needs retesting, cleaning or recalibrating of her hearing and hearing aids, Tim has always gone above and beyond our expectations. He's wonderful dealing with the elderly and has incredible patience. My family is much better thanks to Tim helping mom to hear again. Couldn't be happier with our experience at Hearing Lab.
272316, on Google
I was having feedback issues and not hearing as well as I had in the past. Tim took the time to listen carefully to me and came up with some solutions, explaining all that he was doing. He also reminded me of what to be listening for. I had not seen Tim since Covid and was reminded of how professional he is. Thank you!!
Tom McCormack, on Google
Tim Finegan cares about helping you. Very thorough, knowledgeable, great manners and never felt rushed or anything. Office staff also very friendly and accommodating. Tim asked the right questions, did not try to talk me into anything or out of anything (I needed a new audiologist and pair of hearing aids) and I am very excited to go back for my fitting. Tim also went the extra mile and is giving my half broke aid some TLC to improve it for a backup set because he cares. Thanks everyone at Hearing Lab!
alan jacobs, on Google
Tim always knows my name, my hearing issues and what my insurance covers when we talk about services. Very friendly and professionally excellent.
DJ Plonczynski, on Google

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